Wood BBQ Grill Scraper

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Style•Performance•Hockey.. Say no more

This wood grill scraper helps clean your BBQ in an eco safe, green manner while still sporting the sports loving fan you are. 

Each piece of wood is handcrafted by a local craftsman in Hamilton, ON. And hand assembled by Requip’d Canada to provide an authentic, quality product. Once the grill is hot, firmly press down the scraper into the grate to groove and shape teeth into the scraper and maximize the cleaning ability.

Each scraper is attached with a lace hook to easily hang on the side of your bbq and keep out of the way until needed. 

Each unit measures 5.5” across the head and 23” long.

*Avoid being soaked with water for best use.

All sticks used are game used and may shows signs of wear with small chips/scratches in the paint.