TRUE Prototype 4 piece set

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Do your BBQ tools scream 4th line duster? Not anymore. Step up your game with these hockey stick BBQ tools and start saucing burgers instead of pucks. The obvious BBQ set for any hockey player. Contains a spatula, tongs, a brush and bottle opener all made from high quality stainless steel.

Requip'd is the #1 hockey stick re-purposer in the United States and Canada having re-purposed over 30,000 sticks!

Our sticks come from over 80 hockey clubs, including 22 NHL clubs, their AHL and ECHL affiliates and many NCAA and junior clubs. We are also partners with all of the major stick manufacturers! For top quality products make sure you buy where the pros go. Even ask Los Angeles Kings President, Stanley Cup Champion and Hall Of Famer Luc Robitaille, "Hat Trick BBQ tools are a unique gift for the hockey fan that has everything. I love my set and use them every time I fire up the grill." Also endorsed by THE TODAY SHOW as one of their great gifts for dads

The perfect gift for the hockey fan in your life is right here at Requip'd!

WARNING: The brush utensil contains small steel bristles imbedded in a plastic base. Use of this product on a hot grill surface can cause the bristles to detach from the utensil, which can result in a choking hazard causing injury or death. DO NOT use this utensil on a hot grill surface. Always allow the grill to completely cool before brushing the grill surface.


This "prototype" stick is the demo model of what would become the XCORE9 


Note:Most sticks are game used and may have minor imperfections such as scratches or nicks. 

The set includes:




Your choice of: brush or fork