Mixed 5pce BBQ Set

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Why hello there. I see you decided that the 4 piece BBQ set was for those in the minors. Alright then. But are you sure you're ready for all five pieces of glory?

  • A spatula with TWO serrated edges for cutting.
  • Tongs with the most gentle touch when moving food from the grill to your plate.
  • A two-pronged fork perfect for keeping opponents away from your food.
  • A brush to keep your grill as clean as your tape job.
  • And a bottle opener allowing you to quench your thirst after a hard days work.

If you're still reading this I think you know what to do next. Welcome to the show.


WARNING: The brush utensil contains small steel bristles imbedded in a plastic base.  Use of this product on a hot grill surface can cause the bristles to detach from the utensil, which can result in a choking hazard causing injury or death.  DO NOT use this utensil on a hot grill surface.  Always allow the grill to completely cool before brushing the grill surface.


Note: The sticks chosen are random but not duplicated in model to ensure a maximum variety is given. 

Note: Most sticks are game used and may have minor imperfections such as scratches or nicks.