5 Piece BBQ Set

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Why hello there. I see you decided that the 4 piece BBQ set was for those in the minors. Alright then. But are you sure you're ready for all five pieces of glory?

  • A spatula with TWO serrated edges for cutting.
  • Tongs with the most gentle touch when moving food from the grill to your plate.
  • A two-pronged fork perfect for keeping opponents away from your food.
  • A brush to keep your grill as clean as your tape job.
  • And a bottle opener allowing you to quench your thirst after a hard days work.

If you're still reading this I think you know what to do next. Welcome to the show.


WARNING: The brush utensil contains small steel bristles imbedded in a plastic base.  Use of this product on a hot grill surface can cause the bristles to detach from the utensil, which can result in a choking hazard causing injury or death.  DO NOT use this utensil on a hot grill surface.  Always allow the grill to completely cool before brushing the grill surface.


Note: We cannot honor requests for sets made from specific teams.

Note: A stick brand and/or colors can be requested in the special instructions section of your shopping cart. We will do our best to honor requests for products made from specific stick brands, but at times are limited to stock on hand.

Note: Most sticks are game used and may have minor imperfections such as scratches or nicks.